Travel and food writer Andrew Bender writes the Seat 1A business travel blog for Forbes magazine and articles and guide books for dozens of other publications from the Los Angeles Times to Lonely Planet. 

Andy’s been writing about travel, food and culture since selling his first, teeny tiny travel article to Conde Nast Traveler.  His writing and photography have appeared in publications including:

  • Los Angeles Times – Travel section (currently) and restaurant reviewer for Westside Weekly section (1998-2001)
  • Forbes
  • Travel + Leisure
  • Departures
  • SilverKris (Singapore Airlines’ in-flight magazine)
  • Hemispheres (United Airlines’ in-flight magazine)
  • Premium Traveler (formerly Business Traveler)
  • over two dozen Lonely Planet guide books. Of his Amsterdam guide book, the Dutch newspaper Het Parool wrote “Even if you are an Amsterdammer, you can learn something here.”

Yet another travel writer with a Wharton MBA (and a Master of Arts in East Asian studies from the University of Pennsylvania’s Lauder Institute), Andy also consults with multinational businesses about navigating sometimes murky cross-cultural waters. He also helps travelers plan their visits to Japan and sometimes serves as study leader for visitors there. He’s even appeared in Japanese TV commercials, so he’s routinely mobbed on the streets of Tokyo (well, the part about the Japanese commercials is true).

Andy has lived in Japan, France and the Netherlands, speaks fluent Japanese and French, reads Korean menus, can follow Italian and Spanish (though not very far) and cannot pronounce a single word correctly in Danish. A native New Englander, he now lives in the Los Angeles area.

Here’s one of his first published articles, and a bit of his philosophy on life:

In Praise of Praise:

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