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07 Apr 2011

Straight to Number One – Premier Traveler

Haneda from Business Traveler

by Andrew Bender – March 2011

The battle of the international airports around Tokyo Bay is evolving with all the drama of a sumo match. On the east side, at 33 years old and Japan’s main gateway, is Narita International Airport. On the west side: the contender, Tokyo International Airport (better known as Haneda Airport), which opened its international terminal in October 2010…

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01 Apr 2011

Trading Up – Premier Traveler

Kyushu Shinkansen

Among Japanese, Fukuoka’s reputation is akin to San Diego minus the Navy: mild weather, easy transport, youthful population and bubbling shopping and nightlife districts place it consistently among Japan’s most livable cities.

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01 Jan 2011

Easy Does It – Premium Traveler Magazine

Tokyo from Business Traveler

Find out what’s new in Tokyo, as the opening of Haneda Airport’s new international terminal dramatically cuts travel time into the city.
By Andrew Bender – Anyone who’s ever dozed through the two- to three-hour bus ride, or experienced extreme sticker shock at the $200 taxi ride from Narita Airport into Tokyo will likely cheer Haneda Airport’s new international terminal.

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