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11 Mar 2015

7 Ways The Apple Watch Will Benefit Travelers, And 2 Big Ways It Won’t – Forbes.com

When Apple announced details of its Apple Watch this week, the buzz among travelers was strong. I spoke with travel experts about what it all means.

Below are 7 reasons travelers will probably like the Apple Watch – and two reasons they may not. The Apple Watch is set to launch this April 24, priced from $349.

Read the full story on my Forbes Seat 1A site.

07 Dec 2013

To Combat Rude Behavior, Paris Metro Publishes Manners Guide – Forbes

Paris Metro

France may have been voted the world’s rudest nation for travelers, but at least one organization is trying to fix that. RATP, which operates the Paris Metro (subway to us Yanks), has just published the Manuel de savoir-vivre à l’usage du voyageur moderne (Manual of Good Manners for the Modern Traveler).

Read the full story on my Forbes site, Seat 1A.

08 Feb 2013

8 Great Places To Celebrate Chinese New Year – Forbes.com

Richmond, BC - Tourism Richmond

Happy Year of the Snake!

Celebrations of the year 4711 in the Chinese calendar officially begin this Lunar New Year’s Eve (February 9, 2013), but in cities across the United States and Canada the partying began weeks ago and will continue for weeks more. Inside our little red envelope for you: some of the biggest and most unique festivities from coast to coast.

Read the full story and see the slide show on my Forbes Seat 1A blog.

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