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Japan Food | Where's Andy Now?
01 Nov 2012

Going Hyper Local – SilverKris (Singapore Airlines)


Niki Club, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By going beyond local farms to growing food on-site, resorts get the freshest ingredients and avoid fuel-guzzling transport. BY ANDREW BENDER

Read the full story on the website of SilverKris, the in-flight magazine of Singapore Airlines. Featured properties are Niki Club (Japan), Appellation at the Louise (Australia), Cuixmala (Mexico) and the Inn at Little Washington (USA).

24 Aug 2012

Catch Your Own Dinner at Zauo, in Fukuoka, Japan

Helpful staff ensure a catch

Restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan lets you catch your own fish for dinner. Sure, it’s for the tourists, but awesome nonetheless.

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13 Mar 2012

20 Reasons We Still Love Japan


As a frequent traveler to Japan and a one-time resident, one thing I’ve heard over and over: tragedies have struck the Japanese for millennia, yet they’ve always bounced back. I’ve written about Japan after the quake and tsunami (see the story and slide show here). Now that we’ve observed that grim anniversary, it’s worth reminding ourselves why we love Japan in the first place, in words and pictures (click for slide show).

Read the original version of this story published in the Los Angeles Times and revised with a slide show on my Forbes Seat 1A blog.

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10 Mar 2012

A sightseeing boat filled with tourists

One Japanese Town, One Year Later

01 Nov 2011


Clear and Present – Out magazine

27 Jul 2011

Oxtail ramen

Ramen Bull at Breadbar, Los Angeles

16 Jun 2011

Chaya Downtown chef Katsuya Matsuoka presents skewers: chicken, beef, shrimp, bacon-wrapped dates and shiitake mushrooms

Japanese Beer Garden at Chaya Downtown – Los Angeles

31 May 2011

wakasaya menu wall

Seafood donburi at Wakasaya, Los Angeles

29 Apr 2011

Conveyor at Fat Fish, Koreatown

Conveyor belt sushi, Fat Fish, Los Angeles

09 Mar 2011

Foie gras nigiri - Uchi, Austin, March 9, 2011

Foie gras sushi, Uchi, Austin, Texas

08 Jan 2011

Kurobuta (black pork) for shabu-shabu, Ajimori, Kagoshima -20110108-2017

Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu, Ajimori, Kagoshima, Japan

09 Dec 2010

Onigiri with spicy tuna filling

How to Eat an Onigiri

08 Oct 2010

breakfast tray

Seaweed for breakfast!

20 Sep 2010

cold soba noodles with garnishes

Japanese Noodles for Beginners – Lonely Planet

24 Jun 2010

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, Miyajima Island - June 24, 2010

Making Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki