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27 Mar 2015

48 hours in Downtown LA – Lonely Planet

DTLA Chinatown

Think of Los Angeles and you probably think of Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice and Beverly Hills, with Downtown barely registering on the where-to-go radar. And until about a decade ago, you’d have been right – back then this area of the city was a ghost town nights and weekends after office workers went home. These days though Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA to its friends) deserves a few days exploration in its own right. The city’s historic core, seat of government, cultural center, regional hub of business, commerce, law, finance and transportation and ethnic crossroads, is now one of its coolest neighborhoods too.
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15 Jan 2015

Classic Bars of Los Angeles – Lonely Planet

The Standard - DTLA

If the great bars of Los Angeles could talk, they’d tell stories as intriguing and colorful as any collection of movie shoots on the city’s packed studio lots: dinky dives to glam diva dens, connoisseur cocktail bars, kitschy piano lounges, tiki temples and terraces with soaring views. Some are thick with old Hollywood history, while at modern-day classics you might expect a Real Housewife to saunter right in.

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02 Nov 2011

How to get the most from your frequent flyer miles – Lonely Planet

boarding passes to home

Oh the places you'll go. Image by Alegrya via Flickr

Airline passengers love collecting frequent flyer miles. Trying to  redeem them? Not so much. ‘It’s been harder and harder to find somewhere  I want to go with open seats for miles,’ wrote Sheri W on Lonely Planet’s Facebook page.

And yet, a study conducted by Colloquy,  which analyses loyalty marketing, found that the value of the points  and miles issued each year through rewards programs in travel,  hospitality, finance and more comes to US$48 billion, about one third of  which goes unredeemed. ‘There’s so much value here that consumers don’t  take advantage of,’ says Ryan Eberhard, co-founder of Santa Monica-based Pointhub.com.

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