02 Nov 2011

How to get the most from your frequent flyer miles – Lonely Planet

boarding passes to home

Oh the places you'll go. Image by Alegrya via Flickr

Airline passengers love collecting frequent flyer miles. Trying to  redeem them? Not so much. ‘It’s been harder and harder to find somewhere  I want to go with open seats for miles,’ wrote Sheri W on Lonely Planet’s Facebook page.

And yet, a study conducted by Colloquy,  which analyses loyalty marketing, found that the value of the points  and miles issued each year through rewards programs in travel,  hospitality, finance and more comes to US$48 billion, about one third of  which goes unredeemed. ‘There’s so much value here that consumers don’t  take advantage of,’ says Ryan Eberhard, co-founder of Santa Monica-based Pointhub.com.

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01 Mar 2011

Los Angeles, San Diego & Southern California guide – Lonely Planet

LA, SD, Socal Guide

Co-authored by Andrew Bender, and one of the first books in this newly redesigned series with easier-to-use maps, more user-friendly layout and a revamped planning section. Here’s an excerpt written by Andrew Bender:

“There’s no city more American than Los Angeles, with all the good and all the bad that entails. Its people are among the nation’s richest and poorest, most established and newest arrivals, most refined and roughest, most beautiful and most plain, most erudite and most airheaded. Success here can be spectacular, failure equally so.

“What binds Angelenos is that they are seekers. Nearly everyone – or their forebears – arrived by choice. Whether from across the country or across the …

03 Feb 2011

Bi-coastal Battle: Los Angeles vs New York City – Lonely Planet

LA SoCal Cover

Lonely Planet's Los Angeles, San Diego, and Southern California Travel Guide, co-authored by Andrew Bender

From Lonely Planet.com – We called up our Los Angeles resident author, Andrew Bender, and asked his insight into the best of LA. We’ve forwarded his picks to our US Travel Editor Robert Reid, based in New York City, and pitted the two cities against each other.


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