09 Jun 2013

Japanese port city of Nagasaki has long East-West connection – Los Angeles Times

129349331_5d6c87fd4f_m Castella, a popular pound cake and souvenir or Portuguese origin. (Photo credit: Kanko*)

NAGASAKI, Japan — On my first trip to Nagasaki, just out of college, I knew what most of the world knows: An atomic bomb fell here on Aug. 9, 1945, bringing World War II to a close. It wasn’t until my second visit, more than 20 years later on a guidebook assignment, that I realized how much I had missed.


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29 Dec 2012

Singapore’s Pulau Ubin offers a step back in time – Los Angeles Times

Chek Jawa National Park Chek Jawa Wetlands National Park

Among Singaporeans of a certain age, the mention of Pulau Ubin conjures nostalgia for the days before their nation’s transformation from a jungle of simple villages, called kampongs, to a forest of high-rises. For Singaporeans born since the 1970s, Pulau Ubin is probably as foreign as it was to this American, who went in search of peace, quiet and, quite literally, another side of Singapore.

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13 Mar 2012

20 Reasons We Still Love Japan


As a frequent traveler to Japan and a one-time resident, one thing I’ve heard over and over: tragedies have struck the Japanese for millennia, yet they’ve always bounced back. I’ve written about Japan after the quake and tsunami (see the story and slide show here). Now that we’ve observed that grim anniversary, it’s worth reminding ourselves why we love Japan in the first place, in words and pictures (click for slide show).

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26 Sep 2010

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26 Jun 2010

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11 Oct 2009

W Washington Hotel Lobby

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20 Sep 2009

Monongahela River, Pittsburgh

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17 Jun 2007

Plaza Dorrego Sunday market, Buenos Aires - file under South America & cities

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18 Feb 2007

Stained Glass Art in Dallas

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14 Jan 2007


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