29 Aug 2014

Why Airlines Will Regret The Transparent Airfares Act – Forbes.com

At the end of last month, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Transparent Airfares Act of 2014, but let’s be blunt: the bill does the opposite of what the name implies, at least from the passenger point of view. If enacted, it would allow airlines to quote airfares excluding taxes and fees, which in some cases can come to nearly 50 percent of the ticket cost. Where’s the transparency in that?

The airline industry has been pushing the bill for a while now, and I get why: When tickets cost more, airlines sell fewer of them. And the airlines don’t want to look like the bad guys raising fares, when all they’re doing is passing along government-imposed taxes and fees.

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01 Jul 2014

High-Low: Pittsburgh – Westways Magazine

Pittsburgh may be nicknamed the Steel City, but nowadays, it runs clean and green on education, medicine, and high-tech industries. World-class cultural institutions, ethnic dining, and natural and architectural beauty create additional surprises for visitors.

Worth It: The Andy Warhol Museum offers seven floors of exploration into the life and cutting-edge art of Pittsburgh’s favorite son, from Warhol’s humble beginnings to his vastly more than 15 minutes of fame. Admission, $10–$20. (412) 237-8300. The Mattress Factory has ever-changing, ever-challenging art installations, such as the room of mirrors, mannequins, and hot-red polka dots by Yayoi Kusama. $10–$15. (412) 231-3169.

On the Cheap: For $2.50 each way, the funicular Duquesne Incline, built in 1877, whisks passengers 400 feet up Mount Washington in about 180 …

30 Jun 2014

The New Technology That Could Cut Public Restroom Wait Times By 50%


The annual 4th of July fireworks won’t be the only light show inspiring awe at the Hollywood Bowl this week. Concertgoers at the iconic Los Angeles venue are also ooh-ing and ahh-ing over new technology called Tooshlights, which is reducing restroom wait times.

It’s a simple yet elegant solution to the bane of concert, theater and sports event attendees everywhere. A light above each restroom stall glows green when the stall door is open and turns red when the door is locked, instantly showing which stalls are available.

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