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Australia | Where's Andy Now?
21 May 2013

TSA Pre-Check Now Speeds International Travelers Through Airport Security – Forbes.com

The average amount of time, in minutes, it takes me to get through security using TSA Pre-Check. (Photo credit: Andrew Bender)

The average amount of time, in minutes, it takes me to get through security using TSA Pre-Check. (Photo credit: Andrew Bender)

About the best news – OK, about the only good news – for air travelers in the last few years has been TSA Pre-Check, which allows passengers to speed through security at dozens of U.S. airports without removing shoes, laptop bags and light outerwear. Domestic travelers love it, but international travelers were stuck in the slow lane. Thankfully, that’s changed.

Read the rest of the story on my  Forbes Seat 1A column.

01 Nov 2012

Going Hyper Local – SilverKris (Singapore Airlines)


Niki Club, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By going beyond local farms to growing food on-site, resorts get the freshest ingredients and avoid fuel-guzzling transport. BY ANDREW BENDER

Read the full story on the website of SilverKris, the in-flight magazine of Singapore Airlines. Featured properties are Niki Club (Japan), Appellation at the Louise (Australia), Cuixmala (Mexico) and the Inn at Little Washington (USA).

22 Jan 2011

Down-Under Dining – Laguna Beach Magazine

Berowra Waters Inn - amuse bouche of salmon

Aubergine ravioli at Berowra Waters Inn, Hawkesbury River, New South Wales

Kangaroos: Check. Koalas: Check. Opera House, outback, Great Barrier Reef: all must-dos on a first trip to Australia. For my second trip I wanted a deeper dive. Australia is known for wine, of course, but who knew it had such a gourmet scene? My culinary journey through greater Sydney and the state of Queensland led me to sea pearls and sea planes, a Spirit House and a rainforest retreat—and dining experiences to last a lifetime.

Continue reading the article here:

Down-Under Dining

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Where to Stay

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Sunshine Coast

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22 Jan 2011

Canopy suite at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat, Queensland

Where to Stay/Australia – Laguna Beach Magazine

22 Jan 2011

Noosa Beach

How Best to Explore Queensland’s Sunshine Coast – Laguna Beach Magazine

01 May 2010


Sydney is (and isn’t) a lot like other cities

28 Apr 2010

Andy in PJs aboard the A380

The A380 Experience

01 Aug 2007

Sydney - photo by Beau Wade

Trip Out: Sydney

01 Aug 2007

Melbourne - photo by Beau Wade

Trip Out: Melbourne

25 Jul 2006

Tingara painting

10 Things I Learned in Australia