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07 Dec 2013

To Combat Rude Behavior, Paris Metro Publishes Manners Guide – Forbes

Paris Metro

France may have been voted the world’s rudest nation for travelers, but at least one organization is trying to fix that. RATP, which operates the Paris Metro (subway to us Yanks), has just published the Manuel de savoir-vivre à l’usage du voyageur moderne (Manual of Good Manners for the Modern Traveler).

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14 Nov 2013

Moscow Subway Station Lets Passengers Pay Fare In Squats – Forbes.com

Russian subway 2

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia are still nearly three months away, but the competition is already heating up in one Moscow subway station. Passengers can vie to pay their fare in exercise.

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07 Jun 2013

Bangkok Tops The World’s 10 Most Visited Cities – Forbes.com

Quick: what’s the world’s most visited city? London? New York? Try Bangkok.

The Thai capital tops this year’s Global Destination Cities Index just published by MasterCard, the first Asian city to do so. It had 15.98 million international visitors who spent at least one night. London, last year’s No. 1, was a close second with 15.96 international visitors. Other Asian and Middle Eastern cities are also leading the trend in air travel growth. Meanwhile only two cities in the Americas made the top 20.

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21 May 2013

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18 May 2012

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