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14 Jun 2011

Airline Courtesy, Imagine That – Forbes.com

Courtesy video

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to stand up when the seat belt sign is on, get blotto on board or hog the armrest, but when a flight attendant snaps “Sir/ma’am, you need to [fill in the blank],” sometimes you want to do the opposite just to show who’s boss.

So when I saw this pre-flight video on a recent Virgin America flight, I thought “right on!” Like an animated hipster sea chanty with the tagline ”we’re all in this together,” the video uses the world’s best teaching tool, humor, as a reminder that behaviors like loud conversation, kicking the seat in front of you and dawdling in the rest room are, in fact, disturbing to fellow passengers:

YouTube Preview Image

Read the rest of the story on my Seat 1A blog at Forbes.com

01 Aug 2007

Tokyo from LPTV

Andy in the Media

Will the excerpt be used?

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01 Aug 2005

Interview on Amsterdam TV station AT5

Andy in the Media

Interview on Amsterdam TV station AT5

A reporter follows Andy around on a research outing for Lonely Planet’s Amsterdam City Guide, asking him pointed questions which he deftly evades.

Andy wrote the fourth and fifth editions of the Amsterdam City Guide.

More Video:

01 Jul 1993

Andy in the Media

Japanese TV Commercials for Tongari Corn