Sydney is (and isn’t) a lot like other cities

I love Sydney because it’s a wonderful mash-up of some of my other favorite cities: LA, London and Vancouver, including the good and the not-so-good. Here’s a handy comparison chart. Feel free to add your own similarities and differences!

  Sydney Los Angeles London Vancouver
Seriously multicultural X X X X
Olympic host city X X X X
Mind-bending cuisine scene X X X X
Nation’s media capital X X X  
World-famous landmark


(Opera House)

X(Hollywood Sign) X (Houses of Parliament)  
Intimate suburbs filled with row homes X   X  
Looked down on by rival city X(Melbourne) X(San Francisco) X(Paris)  
Doesn’t know/care that it’s looked down on by rival city X X X  
Enviable weather X X    
Gorgeous harbor X     X
Skyscrapers around gorgeous harbor X     X
Beautiful bods X X    
Outdoor lifestyle X X   X
Surfers! X X    
Posh people X X X  
Knows how to throw attitude X X X  
Commuter take ferries X     X
Friendly people X     X
Pub culture X   X  
Picture of Queen Elizabeth on the currency X   X X
Built on home of aboriginal peoples X X   X
Hub of Fox media empire X X X  


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