Worrying Trend As U.S. Loses International Tourism Market Share

International travel statistics for 2018 are coming out, and they’re not pretty for the U.S. Simply put, we’re losing market share among destinations worldwide. While international travel overall was up about 6 percent for the year, travel into the U.S. from outside the continent rose a measly two percent.

In 2018, “the U.S. continued to lose market share as global travel expanded” according to a report released this week by travel industry economists Oxford Economics. While 2 percent growth doesn’t sound too bad in the abstract, it’s pretty paltry by comparison to arrivals to Europe and Asia (6 percent) and the Middle East (10 percent).

Adam Sacks, president of the Oxford Economics subsidiary Tourism Economics, says that “There appears to be a triad of factors affecting the market. The global economy is slowing, most currencies have weakened against the dollar, and U.S. policy and rhetoric have damaged sentiment.

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